JANE EYRE: With Our Thoughts We Make the World: LP

Jun 13, 2014

Mellow, background music easily enjoyable on a rainy, lazy kinda day. Jesse Rifkin’s nasally voice sounds eerily similar to Weakerthan’s John K. Samson, which was enough to win me over. Based out of Brooklyn, Jane Eyre compiled a year’s worth of recordings experimenting with different contemporary and lo-fi sounds. Songs are intercut with phone conversations, keyboards, saxophone, folk harp, and organ. Synthesizers give the A-side a dreamy, sleepy vibe while the B-side seems more alternative and guitar-based. The LP has seven songs released through the band’s own record label, A Landfill Full Of Records on a limited run of 500 multi-colored vinyl. Lo-fi art-rock for a sleepy couch potato day. 

 –Nicole Macias (A Landfill Full Of Records)