Sep 30, 2008

Okay, so it’s not on Plan-It-X, but the nod is so obvious that it may as well be—features Chris from Op: Cliff Clavin and Plan-It-X and the woman that I believe is in Punkin Pie. So you’ve got a good idea of what you’re getting here: topical but damn close to preachy and often cloyingly positive lyrics delivered above frayed and frantic punk. Like Clavin’s other bands, I find that while the sincerity is heartfelt, it’s also just a hair shy of being totally over-the-top corny. The fact that the female vocalist sounds like a cartoon character and that each person in the band lists their “likes” (the drummer likes tea, painting, games, secrets, and dancing) doesn’t do much to alleviate that. Also contains Transmissions #2, nineteen spoken word tracks done audio zine-style, in which Dakota Floyd loses for complaining about how no one in his scene supports his lofty punk endeavors, and Boogdish wins for performing a play written by second graders—complete with British unicorns, robots with broken flamethrowers, and ice cream parties—that’s absolutely fucking hilarious. 

 –keith (Rock-It)