Nervous Dogs: The Fiya (two dudes, the brothers) / Grabass Charlestons (Replay) chemistry’s a go. Fiyanian ache and want to deliver honest songs are paired up with the Grabassian sneak of instrument subtlety. Recap: sounds simple and gritty. It is, but there’s an undertow where you’ve mistaken solid ground. Apropos for Florida, where there are so many swamps, marshes, and sinkholes. Jammy Dodgers: It feels like they’re telling me really bad news, yet smiling, and not in an evil way, but in the therapy-of-getting-it-out-makes-you-dance way. (A This Bike Is A Pipebomb-ism.) Their four songs totally remind me of Cleveland Bound Death Sentence. Fast-swapping female-male vocal leads, delivered like they’re all tumbling down a hill while still being able to play their grass–stained instruments. Intelligent songs seeped in personalized history. Me likey.

 –todd (No Idea)