JAMIE AND THE DEBT: No, Life Isn’t: Cassette

No, Life Isn’t vacillates between ‘80s feminist performance art screamed through a megaphone—”Thursday Morning Abortion”—and a self-serious Atom And His Package with a Casiotone preset beat—”Choke.” Guitar-only tracks like “Little Bully” highlight the limitations of being a one-woman band, but fuller songs like “Cold” get closer to dynamic garage punk. Menacing, gain-drenched “Gardener” stands out as a surreal mash-up of T.S.O.L. minor chords, Freshman Women’s Studies politics, and Moon Unit Zappa’s vocals on “Valley Girl.” Coming in at under fifteen minutes, No, Life Isn’t closes with “Anthem,” an upbeat survivalist hymn that confirms my suspicion that, with some likeminded collaborators, Jamie And The Debt’s knack for punk affectation will one day blossom into a powerful musical statement.   –Kelley O’Death (Self-released)