JAMES REESE & THE PROGRESSIONS: Let’s Go (It’s Summertime): 7”

Here’s an odd find—a rare funk record from 1969 turns up in the review pile at Razorcake HQ. At least, so it appears to be. There’s a chance I acquired this 45 previously and forgot about it; but otherwise, all signs point to someone sending a copy of this rarity in for review. It’s never been reissued or bootlegged. Not in this format, anyway. Quite fascinating. Well, I have to say, I’m not overwhelmingly educated in this genre… so commenting on the quality of the music is a little subjective for me. Although, I can confirm it’s an extremely pleasant listen. Solid, horn-driven, instrumental funk. Not to mention, from its original era to boot. Judging from the research I’ve done, sounds like it’s comparable to scale of a KBD punk record, if OG funk and jazz is your sort of thing. 

 –Steve Adamyk (Najma)