JAMES NICHOLAS MOHR: Oddities: Unreleased Tracks, Demos, and Rarities: CD

I really hope the title of this record truly reflects the content, since I have not heard any other work by Mr. Mohr. Thus, bear in mind that the only context I have for this review is this record, and I have no clue what would constitute his “normal.” Many of these seventeen songs seem inspired by ‘80s synth pop, but there are a few interesting punk rave-ups in the mix. Overall, though, this didn’t work for me. Songs like this need, in my opinion, greater production value (gasp!) to get my attention, and this comes off, for the most part, as a dude tinkling around on a keyboard with some buddies backing him up, recording it all on a four-track. Some of these songs could be quite exceptional if they weren’t so horribly rough around the edges. 

 –Eric Carlson (Hydrozoan)