JAIL: There’s No Sky (Oh My My): Cassette

May 18, 2010

I was thinking of using the word “jangly” to describe this band, but I wasn’t sure, so I asked a friend of mine what he thought they sounded like. The first word out of his mouth? “Jangly.” So, there you go. Jangly indie pop, pretty catchy, the sort of thing that a friend might play during a long road trip, and by the time we reached our destination, I’d be pretty into it. Also, under the “probably unrelated side note” category, it appears that all four members of this band have moustaches. If this were a cereal, it’d be Apple Jacks. You wouldn’t think to purchase it, but if your friend has some, you eat it, and it’s actually pretty good.

 –maddy (Burger)