JADED EYES: Gods and Monsters: CD

Nov 13, 2013

What year is this again? H.D.Q. are back together and now we get an offering from this new U.K. band sounding like H.D.Q. of old? What? I try not to live in the past, but I’m digging this time machine. Faultless DC-inspired hardcore with more than a nod to Articles Of Faith, Dag Nasty, and Government Issue (“Jaded Eyes” is a GI song). I always say age doesn’t matter, and sometimes being older in a band gives chops and experience the younger whipper snappers don’t have. Members of this Leeds band spent time in John Holmes and Voorhees, so these fucks have definitely done their time. I bet these dudes smash it live. Yet another banger from our friends at Boss Tuneage.

 –Tim Brooks (Boss Tuneage, bosstuneage.com)