JACUZZI SUICIDE: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Eighties hair metal via glam and moustaches, given the ‘00 DIY punk treatment. Falsettos. Cow bells. Guitar “solos.” Judas Priest-y. Got it. Celebrity Skin: pretty rad band. Memorable tunes. The Lee Harvey Oswald Band’s Blastronaut, I can’t recommend highly enough, and it’s a concept album with aliens, to boot. Both of those bands had previous punks. I appreciate Jacuzzi Suicide’s spirit, and I wouldn’t rule them out live, but, on record, it’s not clever enough for me to enjoy strictly as parody, or rockin’ enough on its own merits to excuse a genre of music I had to suffer through (sans irony) for close to two decades growing up. The main vocalist’s delivery rushes me straight back to a dark, dark time and place that is accompanied by very violent thoughts. Sorry.

 –todd (Humdinger)