JACK’S SMIRKING REVENGE: Project Arcturus: 2 x CD

Jan 11, 2013

This is an impressive feat: one song recorded each week for a year. All the songs are primarily a male vocalist and an electric or acoustic guitar. I was reminded of The Mountain Goats (and, in fact, they are mentioned in the booklet as an inspiration) and at times Fifteen, especially when Alex (who is Jack’s Smirking Revenge) would sing about politics. While I can appreciate the concept and think it’s a cool idea, it also seems a bit much—the kind of eccentric thing that a well-established band with slightly crazy members might try and pull off and then sell for an exorbitant amount through a Kickstarter campaign. I suppose it’s okay for what it is, but it’s truly hard for an artist to make the combination of only electric guitar and vocals compelling. None of the songs came out and grabbed me and made me want to hear more of this, especially not fifty-one songs more

 –kurt ([email protected])

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