Oct 16, 2008

...since this was already reviewed by another intrepid staffer last issue, i’ll restrict my commentary to the only thing i recall of Jack Tragic from back in The Day: I was once sent a fanzine circa 1984 – from Connecticut, i think – that devoted more or less an entire issue to proclaiming what an asshole and menace to society Jack Tragic and his band were. Since i’d never heard of him or the zine before – or, ‘til this CD, since – i was never completely sold that the zine wasn’t just the work of J.T. himself, attempting some manner of press coup by distributing a bogus fanzine dedicated solely to propagating tales of his own alleged controversialness. Anyway, i think this is what GG Allin wanted to sound like at one point, until he realized he was doomed by his own innate poppiness and went off the deep end. Whoopee. BEST SONG: “Mind Loot” BEST SONG TITLE: “Mind Loot” or “Milk Carton Mistress” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: At one point in time, band featured a member named “Dee Stroy,” which appears to be the punk rock equivalent of “John Smith” or something.

 –norb (Dionysus)

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