Jun 23, 2009

So is Jack Tragic the wiry little bald dude with the guitar in the photos or the lurchy looking guy with the dress shirt and the MC5 afro? I’ve never heard of this guy and it’s making me a little nervous. Is he some overlooked ‘80s punk pioneer who I’m supposed to already know about? I know I kinda skimmed over the Go-Go’s chapters in We Got the Neutron Bomb, but did I accidentally miss the parts about the legendary Mr. Tragic? Is this the review that’s finally going to expose me for the unqualified blowhard boobhead that I am? Holy fuck, I probably should know something about this guy, if only cuz he claims to have spent some time in the late ‘80s writing porno rock songs – and, one would guess, sucking down copious amounts of anything with alcohol in it – with the Mentor’s El Duce, an early role model of mine. Hmm, let's see... kind of Germ-sy in spots, a bit metal in others... this isn’t the most vicious head-splaying stuff out there, but it fucking rocks with surprisingly solid song writing and a healthy snarl that doesn’t sound the least bit affected. I don’t know who’s behind Bacchus or just where the hell they’re digging up old treasures like this Jack Tragic disc and the equally good Live from the Masque comp, but I hope they keep it up.

 –aphid (Bacchus Archives)