JACK PALANCE BAND: Get This Shit Under Way: CD

Aug 08, 2009

Rockin’ fun. I was ready to toss this baby before it even played, but I always give everything a listen. Not that I always like what I get, but in the mystery meat pile is something to be discovered. Here is a band that is raw but is rocking in a fun way. Many might disagree, but I hear a mix of a good garage punk band at a bar mixed with Dead Lazlo’s Place and Dillinger 4. I hope Todd Taylor does not become offended by using D4 as reference. A review is an opinion of one and this one is mine. Also, I don’t like to get Todd mad. You wouldn’t be reading this if Todd (and Sean too!) wasn’t around. I look forward to seeing if what comes about from these guys in the future. Chattanooga, TN is probably not that bad of a place with a band like this.

–don (Attention Deficit Disorder)