JACK OBLIVIAN AND THE CIGARILLOS: “Drinking Women’s Milk” b/w “15 Beers”: 7"

Nov 16, 2008

What I suspect would be the perfect soundtrack to a Jim Jarmusch film (say Stranger than Paradise or Down by Law), both songs are eerie-funny, naked, stripped down to drum and guitar, and charmingly rambling-along. The standout is “Drinkin’ Women’s Milk,” which goes deep into many different scenarios one may have to face while drinking women’s milk—chocolate milk, stale milk, getting babies out of the way, etc.—it’s a much more involved topic than I thought it could be. There’s something effortless about Jack Oblivian—much like Bob Log III. Even though I don’t celebrate every song of his extensive catalog on a daily basis, I don’t ever mind getting into his car and going along for the ride, to hear what’s been rattling around in his brain lately. (Apparently, this was recorded in 2003. And only seventy-eight were made? (Maybe that’s the color or vinyl?) Don’t quite know.)

 –todd (Ghost Highway Recordings, myspace.com/ghosthiwayrecordings)