Jack Clutton’s Guided Tour

Sep 11, 2012

Bath is an ancient town in southwest England, home to Roman baths, abbeys, and is also home to the classic political band Citizen Fish. Jack Clutton’s Guided Tour is a collection of ninety minutes of band gigs and political activities all loosely based around the city of Bath. Featuring footage shot primarily by Culture Shock/Citizen Fish/Rhythmites member Jasper, the live footage spans a nearly thirty year period and includes bands like Subhumans, Citizen Fish, A-Heads, Witch Hunt, Chumbawamba, Leftover Crack, Star Fucking Hipsters, Heated Rollers, Embrace The Kill, and Rhythmites. Accompanying all of this footage is a Cook’s tour of Bath by your host Jack Clutton and shots of various political groups and actions that have taken place in Bath over the past thirty years. There are some great shows included on the DVD, particularly the early ‘80s Subhumans shows, the acapella Chumbawamba performance, and the single song by Star Fucking Hipsters. An additional add-on for the Anglophile is the actual Bath scenery and the blatant English charm of the entire release. This is a nice collection of one man’s filming of people, bands, and politico actions spanning three decades and will certainly keep you interested through out the entire DVD. –Mark Twistworthy (Crash, PO Box 717, Oregon City, OR 97045)