JABBER: Too Many Babes: 7”

Jun 13, 2014

Unabashed pop punk that mines the infinite recesses of unrequited love. (Let “Unsatisfied” be your anthem for dateless nights.) The opening chords and the confident vocals are all immediately inviting. The “ahhh”s on “Maybe Next Year” send chills down my spine; they’re whimsical morsels of elation over a lyrical pledge to make good on a New Year’s resolution. There’s definitely a playful X-ray Spex vibe fused with more contemporary anxiety like Cheeky or Lipstick Homicide. Each track is a lovingly crafted pop nuke of radioactive resilience. What’s the half-life of a Jabber tune? The time it takes for them to craft an LP is when I’ll finally shelf this 7”. Recommended. 

 –Sean Arenas (Bloated Kat)