Nov 02, 2015

Okay, the two sides of this split are like a pop punk power couple. Jabber have managed to totally nail it with every one- to two-minute blast of poppy sweetness I’ve ever heard from them. “All I Wanted” is my new favorite song of theirs—I don’t know how you even write hooks like that, but I need them to keep doing it. This band just gets it right every time; perfect harmonies in all the perfect places. On the other hand, five seconds into the first Science Police song, I said “That’s the fucking Get Up Kids,” meaning I’m totally on board with this. Really, though, “Look” could easily pass for a Guilt Show B-side, something I don’t see enough of these days. “One of Those Girls” tilts the balance a little further toward the scrappy pop punk end, kind of like… um, Jabber, actually. That’s a quality split pairing. This one’s going to turn out to be pretty addictive. 

 –Indiana Laub (Bloated Kat, [email protected], bloatedkat.storenvy.com)

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