J CHURCH: One Mississippi: CD

Nov 22, 2009

I not a real big fan of J Church. I love their song "Alone When She Dies" off the "The Drama of Alienation" CD. It touched me. But that is about it for me. I liked Lance’s previous band, Cringer, more. I used to see them all the time when they moved to LA before moving north to SF. J Church used to pump out the releases for awhile. I don’t see that many advertisements for new releases anymore. I saw them recently and maybe due to lack of alcohol, I was lackadaisical about their performance. If anybody knows my brother Katz and sees Lance, you would swear they were twins now. This release leaves me kind of unmoved. I hear elements of REM and college rock. It’s kind of folk-like with a rock mix. Don’t get me wrong, but it just does not grip me. J Church fans should disregard all that I say and continue on with their lives.

 –don (Honest Don's)