Feb 15, 2007

J. Church: I say this with the utmost respect. Lance can’t sing that well, and that’s part of the beauty of what J Church is doing: no separation between band and audience. The first song starts off a little loosey goosey and then kicks into what could easily be on the flipside of a Jawbreaker song when they were in their prime. The second cut’s a Snuff cover. I love covers that get me reared up go pull out the original, like a reminder to visit an old friend. Off With Their Heads: Oh, man, songs about restraining orders, fucking hating everything (including himself and excepting Janie), and it’s so damn catchy. What I don’t get is how this angry, bear-like voice (like Billy of Dillinger Four {the occasional third vocalist who can rip out a DYS cover like nobody’s business}) comes out of a medium-sized dude. They’re probably tired of hearing this, but I’m just reporting the facts: sounds like early D4, ultra-mean, hit-in-the-snacks Jawbreaker, and monkeys flinging shit and laughing if you swallow it or it gets in your eyes. Yes, great.

 –todd (1-2-3-4 Go!)