IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE TOMORROW #2: $2, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 14 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

Totally charming comic zine about punks over thirty having a bit of a crisis. (It’s helpful for me to just double a punk’s age to put into “human” years: thirty = sixty = nearing retirement.) Punk’s a curious beast. Think about it too much and it doesn’t make much sense. Compare it to broad social movements, and it pretty much falls apart. But where its power lies is in the one-on-one connection, the fact that it still genuinely exists and continues to evolve. New kids legitimately still find it meaningful years after its latest trend cycle’s crashed and popular culture wants nothing to do with it besides delegitimize it. Sanden Totten’s got a light, subtle, generous touch. He wants punk “to work” and finds real-time redemption in bands playing VFWs and community halls, playing vinyl at home, and participating in a non-creepoid, non-chomo, healthy way. Excellent zine. –Todd Taylor ([email protected])