Issue #39 Top 5s: Jerry Falwell's death is on there!

Jul 27, 2007

Amy Adoyzie
Top 5 Things That I’m Semi-Embarrassed about Looking Forward to When I Return
to the States
America’s Next Top Model
• ‘80s Night Dancing
• Being an uppity American with a strong sense of entitlement
• Sparks
• Gettin’ laid (not so embarrassed about)

Ben Snakepit
1. Bitter Homes and Gardens, CD
2. Bi-Furious, CD
3. The Measure (SA),Historical Fiction LP
4. Off With Their Heads / Practice split 7"
5. Ringers, Detention Halls CD

Bradley Williams
Top 5 Bands of This Year
1. Shellshag
2. Ghastly Grimey Orchestra of New Orleans
3. Tulsa
4. Killer Dreamer
5. Sleepwalkers R.I.P.

1. Outlaws of America by Dan Berger:
2. Play Pretty for Baby, EP
3. Old Time Relijun, 201 12"
4. Fugazi, Repeater CD
5. Sea and Cake live at the Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach.

Craven Rock
Top 5 Things about Mexico
1. Monkeys (animal)
2. Teotihuacán ruins
3. The Spanish language
4. San Cristobal (village)
5. Cenotes (or sinkholes)

Daryl Gussin
• Surrender 7”
• Svartenbrandt, Från Andra Sidan Spåren…
• Siege, Drop Dead
• Black SS, Foreign Object
• Pterodacdudes / Shred Savage split 7”

Dave Disorder
1. Ringers, Detention Halls CD
2. Off With Their Heads / Blotto split 7"
3. Hot New Mexicans, Wah 7"
4. Sick Sick Birds, Chemical Trains EP
5. Dan Padilla / Gleam Garden split 7"

Designated Dale
1. The Measure, Union Pool 7"
2. Dan Padilla / Madison Bloodbath split 7”
3. Mega City Four, Sebastopol Rd. LP
4. Dramarama, California Uber Alles single
5. Johnny Thunders, Hurt Me LP

• My Wife
• La Fraction, La  Vie Revee CD + Live
• A Happy Death, Letter to the Dead CD
• Pisschrist / Oroku, live
• Severed Head Of State, Power Hazard, 12”

Greg Barbera
• Cross Laws’ Behind the Curve EP
• Kurt Vonnegut (R.I.P.)
Meerkat Manor (Animal Planet’s "reality" show)
• My new 13 inch MacBook laptop!
• Jumbo’s Clown Room

Jennifer Whiteford
Top Five Things I Learned on the Geek and Dork Tour 2007
1. Todd Taylor does not believe it’s ever wise to complain about ice cream.
2. Kalamazoo, Michigan has a really great frisbee golf course.
3. New Jersey is not actually in New York State.
4. Somewhere in Ohio there is a street named “Fangboner Avenue.”
5. Mike Faloon swears more when he’s drunk.

Jimmy Alvarado
(no particular order)
• Cuco Sanchez, Mexicanisimo CD. Hands down, one of the true greats.
• Sahua, Arm a Ghetto CD. Repping East Los punk in fine fashion.
• Toy Dolls and Discharge CD reissues. Bless you, Captain Oi.
• Beat Beat Beat, Living in the Future CD. Great great great.
• Busdriver, RoadKillOvercoat CD. “Wowed the world,” indeed.

Joe Evans III
1. Defect Defect, Words 7” and live.
2. Sick Sick Birds, Chemical Trains 7” EP
3. The Ergs!, Upstairs/Downstairs CD
4. Hearing that Dick Army’s playing again.
5. The Shemps and I Farm We Play Darts Midwest Tour ‘07

Josh Benke
• The Pets, “Let’s Go” b/w “I Want Fun” 7”
• The Rock’n’Roll Adventure Kids, “Hotdog” b/w “Panties in My Pocket” 7”
• Mark Sultan, The Sultanic Verses LP
• Cheater Slicks, Walk into the Sea LP
• Neil Diamond, You Got To Me 7”

Julia Smut
• Jeff Davis and his hair
• sock knitting
• dust allergies that feel like the Plague
• The Alley in Fullerton, CA
• the Tiki Room

Keith Rosson
1. Criminal Damage, live
2. Maaster Gaiden, live
3. The Coast of Good Intentions by Michael Byers (short stories)
4. The Changers by Ezra Clayton-Daniels (graphic novel)
5. Dan Padilla / Madison Bloodbath split 7”

Kurt Morris
1. Brainscan #21
2. The Wind That Shakes the Barley (film)
3. Seattle International Film Festival
4. For the Bible Tells Me So (film)
5. Trader Joe’s

Liz O.
Top 5 Recent Shows
1. The Noisettes @ Henry Fonda Theater 3/20/07
2. The Bubonic Plague @ M/R/X 2/03/07
3. The Autumns @ Red Dragon Studios 3/29/07
4. Kate Havnevik @ Hotel Café 3/27/07
5. Elvis Perkins & Let’s Go Sailing @ Largo 3/24/07

Maddy Tight Pants
1. Bla Bla Blacksheep (Minneapolis cute pop explosion!)
2. Kimya Dawson, Hidden Vagenda CD
3. Cheburashka! (Russian cartoons are go!)
4. I’ve Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle (book)
5. Jerry Falwell’s death!

Top 5 Songs That Helped Me Print Gig Posters This Week
• High On Fire, “Blessed Black Wings”
• Toy Dolls, “Nellie the Elephant”
• The Crass, anything from Christ: the Musical
• Sunn O))), “Candlegoat”
• Plastic Bertrand, “Ça Plane pour Moi”

Megan Pants
1. Getting into the school I wanted even though I’m now anxious about moving, going back to school, and figuring out how I’m going to pay for all of it
2. Ergs: Upstairs/ Downstairs, their split with Grabass Charlestons, and live
3. Ringers: Detention Halls
4. Chinese Telephones / Dear Landlord split 7”
5. Pterodacdudes / Shred Savage split 7”

Mike Faloon
Five Great Moments from the Radio Heartbeat Power Pop Festival
1. The DJ played Screen Test between bands (Viva Syracuse Pop!).
2. The Pointed Sticks finally played NYC.
3. The Fevers kicked off their set while the curtains were still opening.
4. The Yum Yums covered Cub’s “New York City” while wearing matching “I (Heart) NY” t-shirts.
5. Having a Yuengling with Josh from Now Wave.

Mike Frame
1. Dinosaur Jr., Beyond CD
2. Ian Hunter, Shrunken Heads CD
3. Betty Davis self-titled CD
4. Queers, Munki Brain CD
5. Hellacopters, Rock N Roll Is Dead CD

Miss Namella J. Kim
5. Manu Chao: political activism minus the pretense.
4. Mika Miko: off to Europe to bring their chaotic art punk to a bunch of chaotic art punks.
3. Wait Think Fast: Ex-Central City Transmission’s keyboardist introduces the new cool.
2. The Clorox Girls: on a European tour with The View; ready to conquer America.
1. MC Balls Deep at my birthday karaoke party at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock, CA. He totally ruled!

MP Johnson
1. Brother Ali, The Undisputed Truth CD
2. Rihanna, Good Girl Gone Bad CD
3. The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky DVD Box Set
4. Free Comic Book Day
5. Minotaurs

Naked Rob (KSCU 103.3FM)
1. Red Fang, Red Fang Tour CD
2. The Radishes, Good Machine CD
3. Totalitar, Vi Ar Eliten CD
4. Midnite Snake, Shaving the Angel CD
5. Skulltime, Skulltime CD

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
1. Ugly Things Magazine #25
2. music blog
3. Equalizing Distort Magazine
4. The Nocturnals, Greatest Hits CD/DVD
5. Dead Vampires, We are the Dead Vampires CD

Top 5 Records That Make Me Happy at the Moment
• Snowden: Anti-Anti. Last year, Jade Tree stopped that endless flow of cloying emo releases. Sure, this sounds like Wire and Gang Of Four and all the other bands that influenced Bloc Party, but this still fucking rules.
• The Hold Steady: Boys and Girls in America. Springsteen and the E Street Band turn into that drunk guy at the bar who keeps bellowing fucked-up stories in your ear—which basically means that this record sounds like a really close friend.
• Kath Bloom: Finally. I can’t get enough of this record or Karen Dalton’s In My Own Time. Together, these albums made me finally understand and appreciate Joanna Newsom, although I still scratch my head about Joni Mitchell.
• Wintersun: Wintersun. Dudebro from some black metal band or another goes solo, then writes an album filled with swords and sorcery and warriors bleeding to death in the snow, then records the entire thing by himself, double bass drums and all. Utterly amazing.
• Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings: Dap-Dappin’ With. The Detroit Cobras do a more rock’n’roll take on this style, but Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings go back to the days of Ike and Tina and drop a record that is straight-up ass-shaking soul. You can’t like rock’n’roll and not like this record. Trust me.

Ryan Gelatin
Random Top 5
• ghost hunting
I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets: The Fantastic Comics Of Fletcher Hanks
• The old man at the post office who told me about the great abundance of ponies that were eaten during World War II
• Buying my first guitar
• "Let’s Go On a Date" by Andrew W.K.

Ryan Leach
1.Christian Parenti’s Lockdown America
2. Gabriel Hart’s solo thing
3. Black Time
4. Flannery O’Connor
5. Philamore Lincoln’s LP (thanks, Jeff)

Sarah Shay
1. The Senate at Folklife, May 25 2007 (live show)
2. Steel Tigers of Death (band’s very existence)
3. Old Technology (buskers)4. Fake Problems, Where Our Bodies Go CD
5. Patti Smith, Twelve CD

Sean Koepenick
Shows I Am Looking Forward to in Summer 2007
• Julie Ocean-Velvet Lounge-DC-6/13/07. New power pop combo featuring ex-members of Swiz, Velocity Girl, Weatherhead, and Saturday People.
• Rockin’ The Colonies Tour-Pier Six Pavilion-Baltimore, MD-7/4/07. The Psychedelic Furs, The Alarm, and The Fixx. Cool tunes, Natty Bo’s and fireworks!
• Insubordination Fest-Baltimore, MD-7/5-7/7/07. At The Sidebar and then The Ottobar. So many bands, it boggles the mind.
• Frank Caliendo-DC Improv-7/18/07. I’m hoping he will be so funny I will spit out my vodka tonics a few times.
• Virgin Festival-Pimlico Racetrack-Baltimore, MD-8/5/07. I keep telling myself that if The Police suck, at least I have Cheap Trick!

Steve Larder
1. Corrupted, El Mundo Frio CD
2. Canvas / Hard To Swallow, split CD
3. A Silver Mount Zion, He Has Left us Alone… CD
4. Brian Lee O’Malley, Scott Pilgrim #2 (comic)
5. Jeffrey Brown, Feeble Attempts (comic)

1. Tim Armstrong, A Poets Life CD/DVD
2. One Time Angels, Sound of a Restless City CD
3. The White Stripes, Icky Thump CD
4. Mikey Dread, Dread at the Controls LP
5. Paris Hilton going back to jail. Why I care I don’t know but a little piece of me is very, very, very pleased that she is going to be left in a room with nothing but her inane thoughts for twenty some odd days.

The Lord Kveldulfr
1. The Great St. Louis, Forever Now CD
2. Venerea, One Louder CD
3. Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay (book)
4. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray (book)
5. Negative Approach and the Meatmen playing a sold out show here in Detroit

The Rhythm Chicken
Top Five Drummers of All Time!
5. David Sandstrom, Swedish inhuman geniusness
4. Peter Moffet, You and Crash-era Government Issue
3. Pete Hayes and Mike Gent, The Figgs
2. The Loon (Moon, Keith)
1. Animal (The Muppet Show)

Todd Taylor
• All Ergs!: Upstairs/Downstairs LP, Blue 7”, Grabass Charlestons split 7”, Lemuria split 7”
• Tranzmitors, Self-titled LP, “We Are Alone with You” b/w “Between Planets” 7”
• Surrender, Self-titled 7”
• Measure [SA], Old Crow 7”
The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus (book) by Wred Fright
• Potential Johns / High Tension Wires / Marked Men / Riverboat Gamblers Texas brain trust.

Travis T.
• The Ergs / Lemuria, split 7"
Madman comics, Mike Allred (FINALLY!)
• Head, No Hugging! No Learning! LP
• Florida’s Dying Wet T-shirt Wild Weekend
All Star Batman & Robin #5, Frank Miller & Jim Lee (comics)

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Bands that I Found in Razorcake and Now Love
1. Riverboat Gamblers
2. The Marked Men
3. Radon
4. Regulations
5. Dan Padilla

Uri G.
1. Cleveland Indians baseball
2. The Circle One and X-mist interviews in Razorcake #38
3. Horseshoes and Bocce with grandpa for five hours
4. Against Me! LIVE twice
5. The NBA Eastern Conference Champions

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