ISOTOPES: Around the Horn b/w You Gotta Freeze: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

To appreciate this single on the surface, you need nothing more than an appreciation for the McRackins branch of the Ramones-core family tree. Yet you seek more—I can sense it—and if baseball-themed punk rock laced with Simpsons references (well, one anyway, the band’s name is nicked from Springfield’s local baseball team), this is your band. It’s a perfect fit. The band’s sound and look are an orthodox interpretation of the Ramones tradition and the Isotopes’ lyrics are all about playing the game the right way—what to do after certain types of outs, how to run the bases—doing the little things right, following protocol. The mold has been cast, folks, work with it, or, as the Isotopes declare, “When I’m in the line-up you’ll do it my way/Never shall the order be reversed.” Johnny Ramone would be proud of the style and the substance. Mike Faloon

 –guest (Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club)