ISKRA: Self-titled: LP

Apr 19, 2008

If screaming is what you want, this puppy is your dream come true. An extreme black metal experience that veers into the grindcore and powerviolence realms, all done with intricate guitar playing that is heavy on the riffing and squeezes enough notes in one song that equals the note count on ten regular punk songs. The vocals are carried out by what I assume are the main singer and the person doing back ups. Man, do these boys scream. They scream so hard, I am getting a sore throat. Too bad the vocals overplay the lyrics and thank whoever you pray to that there is a lyric sheet. The lyrics are thought provoking, intelligent, and backed up with additional information to prove their point. Not easy on the ears but it does connect to the emotion of rage.

 –don (Profane Existence)

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