May 14, 2001

The inimitable infectiously evil Irving Klaws have once again defiled my ears with another decadent dose of sleazy sonic sordidness, and I couldn't be happier even if I were inescapably ensconced in a roomful of submissive nubile nymphos in the nude at this very moment (okay, well perhaps, that's a slight exaggeration of truth there on my part, folks!). Anyway, The Irving Klaws can aurally do no wrong when it comes to their hedonistic hellfire blend of raunchabilly rowdiness, garagerock rambunctiousness, and primal wildman rock'n'roll madness... on this musically pristine platter of demonically rockin' revelry, they rule supreme with such maniacal melodies as the punky-spunky "Not Me Not Now," the psychosonic "Wigglin' & Jigglin'," the rompin' boppin' "Put 'Em On," the ghoulishly sinister "Return Of Dr. Spook," the rabid drum-driven "It's Pervasonic!," the spastically devilish "I'm So Ugly," the booby-bouncin' butt-jigglin' "BestForm," the robustly belligerent "Dig My Six," the psychotically spooky "Moon Has Measles" and more, motherfucker, more! Yep, my unsolicited advice for all of you rock'n'roll raunchcats out there: get down'n'dirty, and "do the Klaw"!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Get Hip, PO Box 666, Canonsburg, PA 15317; or The Irving Klaws, PO Box 1231, Buffalo, NY 14213-1231;