IRRITONES: Negative Dots: LP

Sep 07, 2010

“Don’t talk, don’t talk to me about Jesus Christ!” With lyrics like that you know this is a record to get! Punk rock that doesn’t aim to be warm and cute. This is catchier than the bird flu, with a style heavily borrowing from the late ‘70s, and features the singer from the Hate Pinks who brought the world “Kissing Cops With My Ass.” Irritones pretty much pick up where that band left off. Mainly mid tempo with some slow-burning tension and guitars that have a sort of gritty distortion. Songs like “Japanese Cars,” “Danse en France,” “Cannibal Kids,” and “Rejection Is All We Got” are just four of the many reasons you should get this white platter. The best band out of France since Magma.

 –M.Avrg (P.Trash,