IRONHEAD: Like We Wanna Die: CD

Feb 15, 2006

Right away I did not dig the title of this album. And the cover art is even worse. I'm not sure why they thought it would be a good idea to put a photo of band member Angela Foxx (yes, for real, two Xs) in her underpants carving "I.H." into her arm on the cover of their CD. I showed the photo to a co-worker who said that if she were given it, her complete review would say, "The cover of this album is so stupid that I couldn't even listen to it." Unfortunately, I actually listened to it. Thirteen unlucky tracks of generic rock punk with primarily male vocals and irritating, cliché titles like "Too Cool for School." Apparently this band belongs to a genre called "porn rock," but listening to this record did not make me feel like getting it on at all. Perhaps if I was more of a masochist.

 –jennifer (

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