IRON LUNG: White Glove Test: 2 x LP

Sep 18, 2013

It’s been well over twelve years since I first witnessed long-running powerviolence juggernauts Iron Lung opening up for Spazz’s last show at Gilman St. I can still remember how utterly amazed I was with the duo’s ferocity and tightness as well as being equally disappointed with the fact that they had no demos/records for sale. Luckily for me, they’ve been constantly releasing new records left and right since then, including a multitude of splits, two full lengths, and even some live cassette-only recordings pressed in insanely limited quantities. White Glove Test is the band’s third full length and their newest material since their Brutal Supremacy compilation tracks from 2011. Setting a new standard for innovativeness and maintaining the good name of the often tainted name of the powerviolence genre has been the Lung’s business ever since and this new album is continued evidence of just why Jon and Jensen are the undisputed kings. Twenty tracks of Crossed Out-styled stop/start beat-downs lovingly crafted and thematically centered around the unseen horrors of the medical/health industry, ultimately outlining why there’s absolutely nothing left for you to do but tag your own toe and shuffle on down to the morgue after you become gravely ill. Depending on how lucky you are, there are two versions of this album: the limited copies (this being one) come with a companion LP, which features some unsettling noise and sound collage arrangements designed to be played simultaneously with the first disc. An adventurous experiment if you’re so equipped with two turntables, but still worth owning for the first disc which should only be played at two volume settings: loud and seismograph inducing-ly loud!

 –Juan Espinosa (Iron Lung / Prank)