IRON LUNG: The Iron Lung Comedy Hour Live: Cassette

Jul 16, 2009

Iron Lung: yes. Comedy: debatable. Hour: no. Live: yes. Ten songs in about eighteen minutes, but most of them are only about forty-five seconds long so there’s a lot of talking in between and, frankly, it’s one of those “you had to be there” situations as far as the “comedy” goes. Of course, there’s also the problem of lack of compression on the mix, so if you crank the volume enough to actually hear the talking parts, it’s gonna be way too loud when the music kicks in. Like, I was driving to work in my Hyundai listening to it, and I had the sound way up trying to hear what they were saying about 7 Seconds, and then along came the next song and the vanity mirror cracked and my dinner spoiled. The music itself is drastic, violent hardcore and sounds pretty good (recorded at Burnt Ramen Studios. Is it a studio or a venue?). The packaging (100 made) is like somebody’s art project, all plastic gatefold and xerox-inserted and maybe my favorite part (though I won’t quibble with the genius who named a song “Modified for Arm Abduction”).

 –doug (Enterruption)