IRON HAND: Liquid Assets: 7” EP

Jan 19, 2012

Featuring former and current members of more great bands than you can count on both hands, Iron Hand is a band that just oozes talent. They play a brand of crushingly heavy and face pummeling crust/d-beat that rivals the best of any bands in either of those genres. Side A of this 7”, the title track, “Liquid Assets,” is my favorite of their songs. The driving riffs get you head banging even while sitting down, and the blazing leads and backing vocals take the intensity up even higher. Side B features two tracks, the original track “An Ode to No One,” and a cover of synth punks The Screamers “122 Hours of Fear.” The original offers more of the band’s quality riffage, but the real gem on this side is the cover. Replacing the synths of the original Screamers tune with guitars, Iron Hand takes an already raging song to a new level of fury. If crust or d-beat is your thing, this 7” demands your attention.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Safety Meeting, [email protected])