IRON CROSS: Two Piece and a Biscuit:: CD

Dec 13, 2007

Here comes the first new recording by Iron Cross in twenty years. I think that they are pretty much the first band from the U.S. to do the whole oi thing. As far as old bands getting back together is concerned, I have much more admiration for those who actually get together to write some new tunes rather than just tour and rehash their glory days. That said, I think this is really bad. Mid tempo oi songs are the order of the day. That’s all fine and good, I mean we’re not building fusion bombs here. The problem lies in singer Sab Grey’s delivery. So bland, so emotionless. I swear that Stephen Hawkings could get more emotion out of these tunes than ol’ Sab and his monotone. Throw in a piss poor cover of Cocksparrer and call it a comeback. No wait! There’s more. The second part of the record is by a new group called Sab Grey And The Royal Americans. Here’s where the gold lies on this disc. Seriously? Skinhead country music? The song “Skinhead Girl” is worth the price of admission alone! This disc went from bad to beautifully ridiculous!

 –ty (Teenage Heart)