IRON CROSS: Live for Now: CD

Jan 02, 2002

The same scene (Washington, D.C.) and the same era (early ‘80s) that spawned Minor Threat, Black Market Baby, G.I., and S.O.A. (among others!) also gave birth to the mighty, roarin’, wrathful Iron Cross. This is an ear-blistering collection of their original recorded output from ‘81-‘83, and, I assure you, it’s all brutal flesh-shreddin’ hardcore punkrock savagery at its most simplistic, primitive, and volatile. The mayhemic musical skull-stompers contained herein are harsh, abrasive, and unrefined, aggressively oozing a violent aural warzone of fullforce rabid energy. It punctured my skin and worked its way into my bloodstream like an unholy dreaded disease. Before I knew what hit me, I was ballistically pogoing all over the room like a madman possessed, slamming into the furniture, banging my head through the walls, and ultimately rolling around on the floor in an uncontrollable fit of spastic frenzy! Iron Cross have that unforeseen effect on a person, don’t ya know... so, listener, beware!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (GMM)