IRON CHIC: The Constant One: LP

Mola Ram reaches into your chestTemple of Doom-style and pulls out your heart. But your heart has been replaced with a rusty can of Frostie brand Blue Cream Soda. Those rusty edges are painful coming out, but inside is pure syrupy goodness. Then the lyrics. Anthems of white hot light shoot from your mouth and eyes like Rene Belloq at the end of Raiders. The Chic has an ability to grab fans from all genres through emotional connection and their ability to write some of the catchiest songs around. There is a guitar pedal that adds a slightly different tone (“Spooky Action”) from the previous full length, but if you’ve kept up with the 7” releases, the progression is natural. The horns, seagulls, and video game keyboard noises for intros and between song space actually add to the anticipation between tracks, as opposed to sounding like filler. Iron Chic encapsulates your worst day as you’re swallowing the spoonful of sugar and asking for more. Every song pulls out your hurt and tosses it into the awaiting hands of friends to lift you back up. Not just recommended…essential. 

 –Matt Seward (Bridge 9)