IOWASKA: Vine of Souls: CD

Post-Crass anarcho-hippie-feminist-pacifist-gutter-punk-metal. The hypnotic quality of many of the songs was interesting, but the whole thing got boring pretty quick. I know, I know, the point is the message and the music’s merely the vehicle, right? Fuck you. It’s gotta rock, too, or no one will give a toss about what you’re sayin’. I agreed with some of the points made in the band’s lyrics, but even if every word uttered bled every emotion, every view, every thought I ever had in my life yet was unable to formulate on my own, I still would have a hard time paying attention if the music just droned uninterestingly on and on like it does here. Really loved the art in the lyric book, though.

 –jimmy (Alternative Tentacles)