Invincible Summer: An Anthology (2nd edition): By Nicole J. Georges, 192 pgs

Aug 31, 2008

On the surface, this zine anthology is a huge collection of illustrated journal entries spanning six years of Nicole’s life. She writes about her work, her lovers, places she’s lived, funny things her friends have said, and her beloved dog, Beija. But there’s something deeper here; there’s a theme of almost childlike sincerity. The way she draws herself in a hat with bear ears and her friends surrounded by little hearts, the way she doesn’t gloss over embarrassing or unflattering situations, and the fact that she expresses her feelings when she’s going through rough times instead of pretending it’s no big deal make this zine very down to earth and relatable. A new Invincible Summer anthology, picking up where this one left off, just came out in April 2008, and you can be sure that I’m going to track down a copy. –Lauren Trout (Microcosm, 222 S. Rogers St., Bloomington, IN47404)


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