INVASIONEN: Hela Världen Brinner: LP

Jul 29, 2010

I feel guilty, I think. The Lost Patrol Band put out two of my most-listened-to records of the past many years. I was absolutely obsessed with Automatic (still am, really), and the eponymous record is nearly as awesome. So here’s the guilt thing: As you may or may not know, there were some trademark issues with the band’s name, so rather than try and deal with any of that nonsense, these handsome Swedes chose to take not only the name change route, but to take this opportunity of rebuilding to begin singing in their native tongue. And now? I just can’t get into them the same way... And guess what else? Same story with Masshysteri—essentially a retooled, Swedish-singing version of The Vicious, one of my favorite bands of the modern era. These two bands, to whom I listened to so actively and passionately at one time have become something of aural wallpaper to me now. These songs, which are musically as memorable as any previous output, just blend into the background of my day. And so I don’t know how to review these records. I can only trust that the Swedish punk contingent can now enjoy this record, these bands, as much as I did prior to the language change. And I will unwaveringly support them and buy each record they release… I just wish it felt the same. Am I a bad dude?

 –Dave William (Ny Vag,