Sep 16, 2011

A new thirteen-song album by this long-running Santa Rosa, California band featuring members of Fifteen, American Heartbreak, The Upsets, and Cropduster. The Invalids do a tremendous job channeling ‘77 punk with a snot rock sound and attitude that bears a strong resemblance to acts such as Sloppy Seconds, Screeching Weasel, and the Vindictives. The only missteps on the record occur when they deviate from the formula by slowing things down, like the fourth track, “The Party,” that briefly kills the infectious energy prevalent on the rest of this record. They nearly make the same mistake on the seventh song, “Bad Muse News,” but it saves itself with an appealing doo wop-influenced chorus. However, these minor flaws can be forgiven in the context of eleven other songs that come off without a hitch.

 –Jake Shut (Saint Rose)