INTRO5PECT: Record Profits: Record Profits

I first heard these guys a few years ago from a collaboration they did with Stza of Leftover Crack/Star Fucking Hipsters. The band’s a fairly unique-sounding mash-up of Anti-Flag style political punk and electro synths and drums. It’s actually better than it sounds. Seven tracks is about right, too, because the songs can start to sound similar after a bit because of the electronic percussion (which actually supplements a live drummer). The one big complaint I have about this CD is the last track “Plastic World,” which is a Naked Aggression cover. The lyrics to that song are just incredibly bad, and it becomes really clear when Sara the synth player takes the lead vocals. Her voice makes the song sound annoyingly close to an eighth grade diary entry set (loosely) to music. Cut that song off and you get a pretty solid EP.

 –Adrian (A-F/Geykido Comet)