INTRO5PECT: Record Profits: CD

Mar 05, 2010

Generally speaking, of course, I don’t like electronic music. My reason is the usual complaints: it’s devoid of the human element, thus it doesn’t have an emotional connection or feel to it. So it leaves me bored. A lot of my friends make and base a lot their lives around electronica or techno. They think punk is redundant, stagnant and have a whole lot of evidence that it’s just kind of dumb. Fair enough. It is a lot of the time, but techno is full of E’d-out, apathetic, rich... wait, wait, wait, let’s not split hairs. Instead let’s ask, “Can middle ground be met?” Well, Intro5pect have got the right idea, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t rise above the bullshit of either camp. The lyrics are just goddamn stupid: “Fuck your flag and fuck your pride,” or “fuck the system and tear it down.”I’d be embarrassed as hell to play this for anybody who isn’t into punk because it would just back up their prejudice. On top of that, it’s so completely clean that it comes off as sterile. It’s reallyfucking overproduced. Like Blink 182 overproduced. The blending of genres sounds completely intentional. As if they were thinking, “Why don’t we mix with this and do a techno-punk band?” rather than just being a bunch of people jamming out together and coming up with something. If only they could have made the crossover. The ravers have always got the good drugs.

 –Craven (A-F,