INTO THE STORM: Amidst a Sea of Chaos: CD

Jan 12, 2010

Dang! Initially, this band’s name and CD artwork had me expecting a third-rate metal band. Not the case. It’s kind of hard to explain exactly what Into The Storm sounds like. Much of this record sounds like I, Fail-era The Spectacle-meets-Catharsis, but the music occasionally ventures into Breather Resist/Young Widows and/or Oceanic-era Isis territory, without remaining drone-y for too long. There’s even some 90s “screamo” vibe going on here, like Shotmaker-style rock parts. It’s also smattered with off-kilter, atonal leads ala Black Flag and even captures some of that SST tone like St.Vitus or later Bl’ast. Regardless of who it sounds like, it’s heavy without being metallic, quirky in that Washington way, super intense, and fucking awesome. Lyrics are dark and poetic but hopeful without getting too corny. Even the aesthetic of the name and layout lost its “metal-ness” once I spent some time with the record. Great dynamics, cool samples, very ‘90s. Right up my alley.

 –Dave William (Alive & Breathing,