Interview with Worriers: Razorcake Podcast by Todd Taylor and Megan Razzetti

Jan 19, 2016

Interview with Worriers: Razorcake Podcast by Todd Taylor and Megan Razzetti


Lauren Denitzio helms Worriers. You may know their strident voice and guitar work from The Measure [SA], as a graphic artist, or a founding member of the New York feminist collective For The Birds.

I know Lauren as a friend. We met because I was a fan of their music. We’ve always stayed in touch and have collaborated on many projects over the past decade. Lauren drew and designed the Trans Punks cover of Razorcake.

Lauren is one of Razorcake’s moral compasses. They’re a friend who I trust to tell me if something we’re doing raises a red flag with them—and then to have a discussion about it, to inspect our behavior. It takes courage to keep questioning, to keep fighting for equality, to keep listening, and to be an active participant—especially when we see so many people and ideals fall by the wayside of the status quo the longer we’re living this life.

Band rebirths are usually scary as shit. Not to sound overconfident on Lauren’s behalf, but how could I not love Worriers? I’ve always thought their voice is one of the most memorable in modern DIY punk. It reminds me of a bridge that spans Discount, Facials, Waxahatchee, Songs For Moms, RVIVR, Good Luck, Badlands, and Bitchin’. It simultaneously drips of tender vulnerability and conveys obvious strength. Their impeccable songwriting is a crystal clear trap, though. It sure is pleasant and addictive to listen to. If you don’t watch yourself and start singing along, you’ll learn there are few definitive answers and the world is a complex place, but there’s never an excuse for shitty behavior often driven by a patriarchic society. Lauren reminds those who need reminding that feminism isn’t a side stage to DIY punk. That’s a world away from “Bubblegum! Whoah oh! Lost my girlfriend! Sad face!”

What is DIY if it isn’t living one’s life as a life of action?

Living a life by example—to show what is possible to others who rarely see and hear their points of view on stage or on record—that gives Worriers undeniable strength. And they make fucking great music.

Interview by: Megan Razzetti and Todd Taylor

Lauren Denitzio—vocals, guitar
Lou Hanman—guitar, backing vocals
Audrey Z Whitesides—bass, backing vocals
Mikey Erg—drums (not present)

Hamish Adams–U.S. tour drummer
Nick Psillas–U.S. tour bassist
Rachel Rubino–guitar on Imaginary Life
John McLean–guitar on Imaginary Life

Songs: “They / Them /Theirs” and “Yes All Cops” both from the LP Imaginary Life (Don Giovanni)