Interview with Western Settings: Razorcake Podcast by Madeline Bridenbaugh and Todd Taylor

Jun 17, 2016

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Western Settings is a (punkish) (pop) punk band from San Diego, Calif. It is the kind of band that keeps getting better, that you’ll catch yourself listening to or singing along with again and again. The instrumentals are energized and melodic, with influences running the gamut, and the uniquely listenable, gruff vocals deliver often sentimentallyrics. When I moved from Denver to Los Angeles, Western Settings’ Yes It Is—which I was already frequently listening to and in love with—was the first record I bought on wax. Their next EP Old Pain was even better.

The tagline of La Escalera Records, guitarist Will’s label and home to their EP, is: “Without each other we have nothing!” At its core, the deep connection people have to this band is clear to me: we have each other. This is due in part to their lyrics, and in part to them; if you have met these guys even once, there’s a good chance they already feel like friends. If you haven’t met them, their records can still make you feel that way.
Western Settings is four guys who eat burritos and make good songs—and are the biggest sweethearts you’ll ever meet besides Suge Knight.

Interview by Madeline Bridenbaugh and Todd Taylor
Introduction by Madeline Bridenbaugh
Photos by Rachel Murray Framingheddu
Ricky—Bass, vocals

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Intro song:
“Outro song:
“Yes It Is”
Both from Yes It Is (La Escalera / Fast Crowd / Rad Girlfriend / Snatchee / ADD / Eager Beaver)