Interview with Tim Yohannan and Jen Angel of Maximumrock’n’roll Part 2: Bad Taste Is in the Majority, Part 2 By Todd Taylor

Oct 19, 2011

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Todd: Do you have any socialist or communist affiliations anymore?
Tim: Yeah. I’ve never been a member of a party or anything, but my belief system is still very much expropriating the rich and giving to the poor. As long as there’s these disparities between not only the power the minority has but the... Most people born into this world will never have the chance to realize their potential. As long as that is the basic setup, I’m gonna be a communist. So that’s my M.O. I’ve never felt comfortable with any particular group. I do also have some anarchist tendencies and that’s why with Maximum you couldn’t really tell if I was straight-out communist unless I say I’m a straight-out communist. Most of the political writings in Maximum tend to be anarchist, anti‑stateist and that’s not my particular outlook but I do feel like progressive-minded people should have more in common than not, so they should be able to work together. That’s my attitude.
Todd: Do you know of any essential anarchist writings?
Tim: I don’t read.
Todd: Or videotapes?
Tim: That would be Jen’s area.
Jen: I do a lot of reading and stuff but I wouldn’t say that there’s one essential thing because anarchism, like anything else, is so varied. There’s so much within anarchism that it really depends on what you need from it.
Todd: Well, just an overview of anarchy. Like anarchy 101.
Jen: Well, there’s a lot of semi‑good introductory books. There’s Anarchy in Action by Colin Ward and The Pros and Cons of Anarchy. There’s a bunch of pamphlets. There’s also Daniel Guerin who has a book called Anarchism,and it’s a pretty good overview of “Some anarchists believe this and some anarchists believe that.” It’s definitely good to start with something introductory and then that can lead you to things that are more specific. When you talk about anarchists at the turn of the century, they didn’t all agree. There’s not one type that’s good or one essential thing.
Todd: What is your comfort food?
Tim: Every Friday night at this place called the U.S. Restaurant up in North Beach—it’s an Italian joint despite the name—they have the best fried calamari. You can get combos with their other specials. I get that and rabbit with pesto. Fuckin’ great. At this place, the waitresses don’t write down your order, they remember it all. Hours later, you can go up to the front and the waitresses remember exactly what you had. It’s very old school.
Jen: And the one time I went with Tim, as soon as we walked in, the waitress told him that if he wanted lamb chops there was only one lamb chop. I was like, “How often do you come here Tim?” She knew what he was going to order.
Jen, your comfort food?
Jen: I don’t know if I really have one. There’s certainly things my mom made. Actually, there is one thing. Pasta soup that my roommate, Heather, made for me. It’s good. Good, good, good.
What band has been on your A list for the longest time? It doesn’t have to be currently on it but the longest block of time that they were on the good list.
We’re just talking post ‘77 punk bands?
Todd: Any band.
Jen: Or are you talking about what record did you listen to for the longest or what band? A band for me would be Minor Threat. They’ve withstood the test of time but I don’t listen to their record everyday and I don’t listen to it that often anymore but I really like and respect them.
Tim: One album by one band that I would say has stood the test of time for me and that’s Cock Sparrer and god, what is... Troops to...
He can’t even remember the name.
Tim: I can’t remember the name of the album but it’s got this song called “Where Are They Now?” The whole album (Shock Troops) is heartfelt, I guess.
Todd: Who is the person that you most admire?
Tim: Different people for different things.
Jen: Someone asked him that question and he said Jack Kevorkian.
Tim: Right.
Todd: I like Jack Kevorkian. You kind of look like him.
Tim: I keep telling you I’m not Armenian!
Todd: He actually has an album out, too.
Jen: You mean Jack Kevorkian And The Suicide Machines?
Todd: No, no. It’s called Jack Kevorkian and the Morpheus Quintet, I think. Seriously, it’s Jack Kevorkian.
Tim: Yeah, he plays jazz or something.
Todd: Would you review Jack Kevorkian?
Tim: No. He is feisty as fuck though. He’s great. He does not give a fuck whatsoever. They can jail his ass or whatever.
He’s got one savvy lawyer too… What’s the largest perk you get working for Maximum?
Hanging out with Tim!
I know what my answer would be.
Jen: Go ahead.
Tim: Records!
Jen: Mine would definitely be the people I get to meet. People who write in or people I would otherwise never have the chance to meet.

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