Interview with Hudley: Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989: Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989.

Sep 01, 2009

Hudley co-ran and co-owner Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989. During that ten-year stint, she interviewed the who’s who of punk rock—Black Flag, GBH, 7 Seconds, Fear—helped run the day-to-day operations, and helped Al Flipside keep the wheels on the wagon for the longest-running fanzine in Los Angeles history. More than that, she provided a palpable heart and soul, making Flipside much more than just a “fanzine about music.”

After 1989, Hudley disappeared from the punk scene. Twenty years later, more secure in her undeniable contributions to L.A. punk, and reinvigorated by her oldest son’s interest in music, she is currently writing a book chronicling the L.A. punk scene during a timeframe that doesn’t get as much recognition as it should.

We hope you enjoy this conversation between Todd Taylor and Hudley.