Interview with Angie Skull: Razorcake Podcast by Jimmy and Todd

Jul 14, 2015

Interview with Angie Skull: Razorcake Podcast by Jimmy and Todd


Angie “Skull” Garcia has been an active participant in the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley punk scene as scenester and musician for more than thirty years. Over the years she has played bass for Moslem Birth, Peace Corpse, Insulin Reaction, Knucklebone, Punkoustica and, most recently, as part of the musical unit that accompanies Alice Bag on her book tours. She is also a visual artist of note, including a collection of “Dollbot” creations, each unique both in design and backstory. Although not a household name even within the local scene—it’s no secret that the rhythm section provides a band’s heartbeat and propulsion, but the lion’s share of the attention goes to the singer and guitarist(s)—Garcia is not only one of many woefully overlooked contributors to impact her local scene through her work, she is also one of very few women and eastside “O.G.” punks to remain consistently active from the scene’s early days.

Bookended between some fine tuneage, courtesy of Insulin Reaction’s "Machine" and Peace Corpse’s "Jocko Macho," Todd and Jimmy chat with Angie about her involvement in the scene, her transition from fan to musician, parallels between punk and working as a mail carrier, and what has kept her involved through the years.

–Jimmy Alvarado