Interview Podcast with Delay: By Sean Arenas and Todd Taylor

Nov 30, 2015

Interview Podcast with Delay: By Sean Arenas and Todd Taylor


Playing in a band requires telepathy, a Jedi mind trick that bridges the fingertips and lips and impulses of different people all striving to craft a song. This intuition is none more strong than between twin brothers who grew up in a musical family, and a childhood friend whose laid-back family allowed their basement to become a practice space. You can hear the familial bond in Ryan and Austin’s intertwined vocal harmonies. As young’uns, they sang in a high vocal register, almost falsetto, eventually growing into a breathy timbre. You can hear over sixteen years of camaraderie in Jesse’s restrained, although pronounced, drumming, which accents the fuzzy guitar licks and warm bass lines. This is audible cohesion.

Delay’s musical catalog is a snapshot of lifelong friendship, a testament to perseverance in spite of societal pressure to conform. Fit in. Give up. Just a few years in the muck, it’s obvious that soul-sucking careers can sap creative energy and transform you into a lifeless husk. Yet, this trio has committed to the one thing that makes them happiest: punk.

Before you attempt to tap into their wavelength, strip away any saccharine preconceived notions associated with “heartfelt music.” Forget lovesick posturing. Mumbled confessions. Hackneyed metaphors. Instead, be prepared for honesty, for absolute clarity, and for musical therapy. Tuning into Delay’s wavelength reveals some of the daily bullshit. You might not recognize this new lingering sensation as sincerity has a way of sneaking up on you, but when it does, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. -Sean

Interview by Sean Arenas and Todd Taylor
Photos by Jonathan Velazquez

Songs: “Haze” and “Tender” from the LP Circle Change on Salinas Records


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