INTERRUPTERS, THE: “Family” b/w “This Is the New Sound”: 7”

May 28, 2014

Sturdy and reliable whatever-millionth-wave ska stuff. Aimee Interrupter’s got a nicely careworn, scratchy voice and the band themselves—made up of the three Bivona brothers, the same guys who were Tim Armstrong’s backing band during his year-long Tim Timebomb project—are confident in their musicianship. There’s nothing truly jawdropping here, but like I said, they’re a consistent and solid enough pair of songs. A-side features Armstrong taking up co-vocalist duties. I’d like to hear a full-length from this band and see how that grows on me because this two-song 7” just doesn’t quite have the depth and resonance I’d hoped for. 

 –keith (Pirates Press)