A new supergroup has touched down to rock the world! Gary Twinn (Supernaut) on vocals. James Stevenson (Chelsea, Generation X) on guitar. Clem Burke (Blondie, The Romantics) on drums. Glen Matlock on bass. If I have to tell you what bands Matlock was in, then you’re not welcome at my house! Most of the tunes here are written by Twinn, except “Honey’s Room,” which he co-wrote with Stevenson. There’s one cover here—”Friday on My Mind”—by The Easybeats. But the originals stand out from the pack. Great arrangements, solid playing from all involved, and catchy melodies make this EP a must-have. My only complaint is it’s too damn short. So get cracking on a full record and bring the rawk to a U.S. tour soon!

 –koepenick (Self-released, [email protected])