Feb 18, 2009

I think that by now a lot of people know what these guys sound like. This is political, dance-oriented and garage influenced music, offered up to us by ex-members of such Swedish luminaries as Refused and the Doughnuts. This is (I believe) their first offering, and by now they have two more records that have been released by Epitaph. They’ve also been through the US on tour at least twice, and I’ve enjoyed them live. This bunch of songs is catchy, and the lyrics are definitely oriented towards a socialist perspective, focusing on resistance against unequal distribution of power and resources. I pretty much agree with their political agenda, and I like the simplicity of the production here. A lot of people say that this band reminds them of the Make-Up, and I definitely recognize the influence. This is not a bad thing in this case, though. They’ve subsequently made more exciting records than this, but this one is a good place to start, especially if you like seeing a band progress in a relatively short period of time. Recommended. –Yemin

 –guest (G7 Welcoming Committee)