INTERFUSE: Closed Doors Open Tracks: CD

Mar 06, 2007

Based on the first track, I was going to write this one off as another emo release that sounds like At the Drive-In. That was until I heard track two, entitled “Jeff Truth” with its pounding bass riffs accented by the right mix of feedback and distortion and drums that feel almost tribal mixed with the right tones to give it a driving effect. That song has a unique quality to it that it was kind of hard to pin down. At the moment, it sounds like a mixture of Crass meets the Super Heroines or Elastica. But other tracks veer more towards rock, and punk—and one track I swear sounded like it could have been an X track with its hints of cow punk. The opening track almost made this a throwaway, but with further inspection, this became a keeper.

 –don (Tragic End)