INTERCOURSE: Self-titled: Cassette

Jan 27, 2015

My tolerance for musical experimentation is pretty low. I appreciate it when bands do something different, but it needs to be in context for me to really enjoy it. I’m never going to sit down and get into music that is spazzy just for the sake of being spazzy. I need something else to sink my teeth into: comedy, anger, something. In the case of Intercourse, I love that they are willing to do different stuff musically. Greg Ginn shit. Weird guitar stuff that I’m not music nerd enough to explain. Messed up time signatures. Shit like that. But it’s all tied to an anchor of belligerence. That’s something I can really get behind. Just frothing at the mouth, white-knuckled belligerence. Intercourse proves just how well spazziness and belligerence go together. 

 –mp (Self-released)